The National Hockey League (NHL) is abuzz with rumors and speculations as the new season approaches. Amidst all this, two teams that are gaining significant attention are the Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens.

One of the most talked-about topics is Noah Hanifin’s future with the Calgary Flames. The talented defenseman has been a crucial part of his team since he joined in 2018. However, there have been whispers about potential changes on the horizon for him before this season starts.

Hanifin’s impressive skills on ice have not gone unnoticed by other NHL teams who might be interested in adding him to their roster. His ability to contribute both offensively and defensively makes him an asset any team would want to acquire.

On one hand, keeping Hanifin could provide stability for Flames’ defense line-up which they will need going into a challenging season ahead. On another hand, trading him could give them valuable assets or players needed to strengthen other areas of their squad.

Meanwhile, over at Montreal Canadiens camp, trade candidates are also being discussed widely among fans and analysts alike 🏒

Canadiens had a commendable run last season reaching Stanley Cup finals but fell short against Tampa Bay Lightning. To ensure they make it further next time around; some changes might be necessary within their roster too.

Several names from Canadiens’ current lineup come up when discussing possible trades including Shea Weber due to injury woes or Carey Price because of his high cap hit despite exceptional goalkeeping skills.

However, these decisions won’t be made lightly considering how vital these players have been for Canadiens success so far especially Price’s role during last year’s playoffs run where he was instrumental helping them reach finals after many years.

In conclusion while speculation continues surrounding both Calgary Flames & Montreal Canadiens regarding potential trades involving key players like Noah Hanifin or others from Habs’ current lineup; only time will tell what exactly happens when puck drops starting new NHL season.

As fans eagerly wait for the new season to start, these rumors and speculations only add more excitement to what promises to be another thrilling year of hockey. With so much at stake, both Flames and Canadiens will have some tough decisions to make in order to put forward their best team on ice.